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CEFA's Closed-End Fund Universe


  CEFA Universe Data Service Points as Explained by John Cole Scott

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With CEFA's Closed-End Fund Universe, you can access the universe of 540+ closed-end funds and business development companies (BDCs) in the U.S.

To see the most current data covered in the service, view our CEFU Data Definitions.

  1. We offer the data in both PDF and XLS format. This is great for sorting and screening for closed-end funds ("CEFs") that meet specific criteria.
  2. We now offer a CEF and BDC Press Release Archive covering press releases for U.S.-listed closed-end funds.
  3. In addition, we offer overview charts on the main CEF peer groups as well as the significant subgroups covering many of the CEF universe (PDF file only).
View CEF Universe Sample Report View a demo on how to possibly use CEF Universe data
View CEF Universe Sample Report View a sample CEF Universe report (PDF format)
Sample Summary Charts View sample Summary Charts (PDF format)

At CEFA, we realize that there are many data points not easily available to investment professionals or institutional/individual investors. To create this comprehensive report, CEFA monitors and reviews CEF and BDC press releases and monthly, quarterly or semi-annual fund sponsor updates.

Subscribers can access past reports of this service (beginning May 4, 2012) for viewing.

Highlights of CEFA's Closed-End Fund Universe PDF Report

1. Of the 280+ data points for CEFs and 205+ for BDCs, unique key data points include:
  • Percent Dividend is Return of Capital (Principal)*
  • Dividend Change Percentage*
  • Relative Discount*
  • Comparable Discount*
  • 1-Year Z-Stat
  • Date of Last Dividend Change
  • Earning Coverage Percentage
  • Capture Ratio
  • One-Month Net Asset Value (NAV) Trend
  • 90-day NAV/Market Price Correlation
  • Relative UNII (Undistributed Net Investment Income)*
  • Unrealized Capital Gains as a Percentage of NAV*
  • Dividend Frequency
  • Percentage of Leverage (40 Act and Non 40 Act)
  • 90-Day Average Relative Discount/Premium*
  • 52-Week Relative Price*
  • 50-Day Moving Average Relative Price*
  • Average Daily Trading Amount in USD*
  • 1-Week, Year-to-Date and 12-Month Market Total Return Performance
  • 1-Week, Year-to-Date and 12-Month NAV Total Return Performance
    2. All data above included in spreadsheet (XLS format) as well as the following data:
  • Fund Market Price
  • Fund Net Asset Value (NAV)
  • NAV Date
  • Relative Z-Stat
  • 52-Week Discount Low
  • 52-Week Discount High
  • UNII - Expressed in cents per share
  • 30-Day Average Trading Volume
  • NAV/Market Price 1-Week Dispersion
  • Upside Capture
  • Downside Capture
    3. Accurate and detailed groupings of CEF equity funds in three main categories:
  • U.S. Equity Funds (5 subgroups)
  • Non-U.S. Equity Funds (11 subgroups)
  • Specialty Equity Funds (10 subgroups)
    4. Accurate and detailed groupings of CEF bond funds in three main categories:
  • Taxable Bond Funds (17 subgroups)
  • Non-Taxable National Bond Funds (8 subgroups)
  • Non-Taxable Single State Bond Funds (26 subgroups)

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    *These data points are only available through our data partner and are exclusive to our weekly service.
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