Why Invest with Us?

CEFA is a specialized investment firm with the experience, process, resources and credibility to handle your investment portfolio.


Closed-End Fund Advisors ("CEFA") has 55 combined years of industry experience, and we are active in the Closed-End Fund Association, The CFA Institute and the Richmond Association for Business Economics. We have 27 years of closed-end fund board experience and our senior portfolio manager, George Scott, is the co-author of the only hardback book on the industry. CEFA publishes a leading industry periodical and provides a weekly closed-end fund data service.



Having access to financial research, data and professional contacts, CEFA is on the leading edge of industry developments. The Scott Letter: Closed-End Fund Report publishes our primary research, including portfolio manager interviews and stays in touch with the fundamental changes in the global closed-end fund industry.

CEFA's Closed-End Fund Universe report offers a comprehensive weekly data report covering the complete list of 600+ available closed-end funds with 100+ data points tracked on 77 unique subgroups.


Principals of CEFA are regularly contacted by the financial press for input and commentary on global investments and closed-end fund issues. We also have access to the majority of closed-end fund portfolio management teams in order to stay in touch with changes in their investment outlook.


As discretionary, fee-based investment managers, CEFA tracks client performance for its portfolio models as well as comparable indices to measure our absolute and relative performance.

Portfolio Monitoring

All portfolios are rebalanced regularly and are monitored almost daily in order to ensure that asset allocations stay within set percentages and that each position is the best choice for the underlying investment objective on relative and historical bases. We are active managers making changes to our portfolio models weekly as needed.

Individual Attention

With the benefits of separately managed accounts, CEFA can work on behalf of both individual and institutional investors (with account variances up to 5%) of a portfolio model, as well as monitor tax-sensitivity.

Vested Interest

We are passionate about our work, offering clients the same investment strategies that we use in our own portfolios. Client interests are ALWAYS favored over our own.

As an investor with our firm, there are no front-end or back-end fees. The first quarterly fee is always prorated for only the time we actively work on a portfolio. All of our custodians allow on-line access to clients in order that they may view their portfolios as frequently as they desire. CEFA is one of the few investment firms that publishes their model portfolio performances monthly.

We currently offer nine portfolio models:

  1. International Opportunities
  2. Globally Diversified Growth
  3. Business Development Company ("BDC")
  4. Hybrid Income
  5. Growth and Income
  6. Foundation/Balanced
  7. Conservative Diversified
  8. Managed Municipal Bond Closed-End Funds
  9. Special Opportunities

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Direct: 804-288-2482
Toll-free: 1-800-356-3508 (U.S. and Canada)
E-mail: sales@CEFadvisors.com

For more information, download our firm's profile presentation and our ADV Part 2.

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