Closed-End Fund Advisors' Portfolio Models

One-page fact sheets are available for each of the following CEFA portfolio models and contain commentaries by the portfolio manager, current asset allocations and net performance results* compared to tracking indices that CEFA follows. These updates are available on a quarterly basis when you subscribe to The Scott Letter: Closed-End Fund Report.

Global Hybrid Income Portfolio

This model provides high current income with roughly half of the funds based on equity income strategies and half based on fixed income strategies. Funds that pay monthly dividends, have a positive NAV trend and have high dividend confidence are preferred. Under normal market conditions, the average asset weighted portfolio leverage is maintained around 20%. The model seeks a distribution yield 2% greater than the ML High Yield 100 as the primary objective with the preservation of capital a secondary objective.* Composite inception is November 30, 2006.

Foundation/Balanced Portfolio

The goal of this model is active management similar to the way foundations manage their assets. There is a focus on good earnings coverage and UNII levels for bond funds and when possible, unleveraged funds. The goal is to provide returns on average 2% a year higher than a 60% S&P 500/40% Barclays Bond index while paying particular attention to protecting the account’s principal.* The model has significant exposure to both equity and fixed income-oriented funds as well and limited exposure to hedging or absolute return funds. Composite inception is August 31, 2009.

Conservative Diversified Portfolio

This model is designed for our most conservative investo who still desires the opportunity to modestly grow their portfolio over time. Preservation of capital is the primary objective of this model with low income yield a secondary objective. The model seeks an average annualized 6% return per year and is best suited for a Defined Benefit Plan's investment objective.* Composite inception is April 30, 2009.

Globally Diversified Growth and Income Portfolio

This well-diversified portfolio model is designed to give an equity-oriented experience that pays significant attention to the distribution yield of a fund when screening and selecting it for inclusion into the model. The primary objective is long-term growth and modest income generation. It seeks to produce returns higher than the S&P 500 and Dow Jones World (excluding U.S.) on a long-term basis.* Composite inception is December 31, 1998.

Globally Diversified Growth Portfolio

This well-diversified model is designed for growth-oriented investors who seek the opportunity for growth in excess of the S&P 500 and Dow Jones World (excluding U.S.) indices on a consistent long-term basis.* Composite inception is December 31, 1998.

International Opportunity Portfolio

This model (formerly called International Equity and International REITs) provides risk-tolerant investors a diversified portfolio in order to invest in equity funds with little-to-no U.S. equity exposure. The primary objective is to seek long-term growth on average 2%+ over the MSCI World (excluding U.S.) index.* Composite inception is October 31, 2002.


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*Note: Current yield changes daily in relation to market fluctuations. Investment income and performance cannot be guaranteed. Please read our ADV Part 2 for more information, and please contact us with questions.

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CEFA Portfolio Models