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Closed-End Fund Advisors ("CEFA") is a fee-based Registered Investment Advisory firm founded in 1989. Known as "The CEF Experts," Closed-End Fund Advisors has its corporate headquarters in Richmond, Virginia and reflects over 55 years of combined investment experience in closed-end funds ("CEFs") and other investment vehicles.

CEFA’s primary business is discretionary asset management. As a global manager of managers, we build portfolios for individual and institutional clients, through either direct work with clients or through financial advisors and planners. To learn more about our firm, download our firm's profile presentation.

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CEFA's global investing utilizes a value approach of reasonable risk-taking, tempered by careful analysis of all the underlying factors before investing in potentially more than 40 markets worldwide.

CEFA currently manages nine investment portfolio models styles:

Investor Presentation

  1. International Opportunities
  2. Globally Diversified Growth
  3. Business Development Company ("BDC")
  4. Hybrid Income
  5. Growth and Income
  6. Foundation/Balanced
  7. Conservative Diversified
  8. Managed Municipal Bond Closed-End Funds
  9. Special Opportunities
  10. Diversified Tax-Sensitive Income

To learn more about these models' investment strategies, visit our investment portfolio models page or contact us to request information about our managed accounts.

The Scott Letter: Closed-End Fund Report is one of the few closed-end fund industry newsletters to publish interviews with closed-end fund managers. We also cover the most important issues facing closed-end fund investors.

CEFA's Closed-End Fund Universe provides weekly data on the complete closed-end fund and business development company universe. A sample copy is available for review as well as a 14-day, no-risk free trial.

CEFA's Free BDC Universe Data Page: providing the first central location that we know of, for key BDC data on all US listed public business development companies (BDCs). The data is updated weekly and we will be adding BDC educational resources to help educate investors on the sector and investment structure.

Please contact us for more information:

Direct: 804-288-2482
Toll-free: 800-356-3508 (U.S. and Canada)
E-mail: cefa@cefadvisors.com

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